Honor Code | More than a set of regulations

  • We ask for your private information only when it’s absolutely necessary and never ask for more data than it is required for provision of quality services.
  • The personal data obtained from our customers is never stored on our website for more than it is required by law.
  • We put great effort into giving our customers maximum control over the sharing, search engine indexing, storing, and deleting their personal information from the website.
  • We aim to achieve complete transparency on the ways we collect, store, and share your data.

Eduguide pro has clear provisions of the Honor Code, which explains our professional principles for working with users. We have our own clear vision of academic transparency that helps all our users feel protected. Get to know also our understanding of how other companies, experts willing to collaborate as well as freelancers can use our services.

Eduguide Honor Code

All of our employees are people of high moral standards. Our high level of professionalism dictates our principles that guarantee you: getting unique help, respecting copyrights, data protection and compliance with academic policies.

Eduguide for Business

We are committed to corporate transparency and do not support fraud of any kind. In the event that any party is found to be engaging in illegal activity, policy or copyright violations, we will immediately terminate cooperation of any kind. The person or company that violates the rules will be immediately banned and expelled from the system without the right to be reinstated.

Categorically not welcome:

  • Any unannounced activity: It is forbidden to provide any assistance to students that is not part of the service.
  • Copyright infringement: All activities and text documents are 100% unique, also any illegal use of someone else's paperwork is absolutely not welcome.
  • Name Swapping. Use of name or other user data is not permitted.

Our authors only provide assistance of an informational nature. We do not participate in exams on behalf of students or any other tests.

No staff member participates in activities that are against academic standards policy. Anyone who violates these policies will be permanently excluded from the system.

Information for individuals:

We respect the rules that have been adopted by educational institutions. Eduguide legit activities take place exclusively in compliance with the necessary regulations.

  • We exclude the possibility of facilitating any illegal activity. Our employees do not take part in any violations under any circumstances.
  • We forbid the copying of text data provided by us and its use on behalf of the user.

Message to Educators:

Our company respects your tremendous contribution to the development of the educational program and your hard work. We are committed to honesty and transparency throughout our operations. Our mission is to help students understand certain topics and subjects.

If you notice any violation of academic standards, we ask that you contact us immediately.

Business Information

We are experts in providing academic assistance. In the event that you have any intention of using our services to violate academic integrity rules, we prohibit such activities.

  • Defined companies should stay away from using our services if their intent is to violate the Policy.
  • Defined companies must actively participate and report violations of the Policy by employees or users.


Eduguide pro scam activities are completely prohibited. We dedicate our resources to verifying employee compliance with our policies. You can become part of our company and will be required to follow corporate rules, just as you will be required to follow general academic rules. By becoming a member of our team, you pledge to:

  • Stay within the standards you will be introduced to at the start of your career with us.
  • Do not participate in any illegal activities that third parties might ask you to do (help with tests, exams, etc.)

Eduguide pro legit activities

Eduguide legitness: we are a registered community that is responsible for its activities. Every Eduguide employee has received proper training and clearly follows our Policies. Also, every employee abides by the law and is academically transparent in their activities.

Compliance with privacy policies, copyrights and requirements of the educational institution regarding similar activities is fully respected by us. In case of any additional questions, such as "is eduguide legit?", we recommend contacting us directly.

We restrict or completely prohibit:

Anyone who violates the Eduguide Policy will be deleted from the system without the right to restore the account. Familiarize yourself with the provisions that lead to such action:

  • Lying regarding personal information in a user's CV, resume and other similar documents.
  • Lying about identities and using other people's information.
  • Lying in progress reports.
  • Assisting with tests at an educational institution or any other test work.
  • Providing inaccurate information with false references as part of text work.

We ask you to inform us if you notice such violations. This will help us avoid doubts from users, employees and corporations about whether it is eduguide pro legit or not.

We ask you to keep us informed!

We clearly observe the high standards of professional activity. All members of our team follow the rules and the law, as eduguide pro legit activity is mandatory. In case you notice any violations, contact us immediately to provide details.

Define and describe the type of illegal activity

Personal Identity Substitution

Using a student's name and data to take exams is a total illegal activity.


If any of the policies or rules have been violated, we will take immediate action.


Threats and online bullying are unacceptable and carry certain consequences for those involved.

No respect for privacy

All data of experts, writers, users and so on is protected by our privacy policy.


If you notice a violation of any academic rules or a breach of personal privacy, describe the incident and state exactly what happened.

With us, you are able to get

We are not directly involved in the academic achievements of our customers. Our activities are designed to help them to acquire additional knowledge that will lead to getting the necessary grade or degree.

The data we help our customers to find and learn leads them to achieve academic goals.

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